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Save time

Cycling and Walking

Cycling around Nottingham can save you money and improve your health, but what about saving you time? Recent studies on smart card tracked bikes in similar sized cities have shown that when it comes to rush hour commuting, cycling is faster than the car. The average rush hour speed for cars clocked in at around 6 mph compared with 9 mph for cyclists.

If you’re interested in cycling more but feel you’d like more practice before cycling your preferred route, TravelRight can help you with free cycle training available, including a hire bike for your first 3 months – click here to learn more. To plan a journey by bike, use our cycling route planner page here.

If you prefer to stroll than cycle, try our walking route planner here to plan your next journey on foot.

Public Transport

Nottingham’s public transport network is one of best in the UK. The City has recently been awarded the title of ‘Least Car Dependent City’ in recognition of the quality of transport services available. But just how quickly can you get around by public transport?  Take a look at our public transport facts and figures below:

  • Around 800 buses leave city centre bus stops every hour.
  • 94% of public transport journeys in Nottingham start on time, one of the best records in the country. In the same monitoring period, Nottingham’s public transport users recorded satisfaction rates of over 90%.
  • Greater Nottingham has 25 kilometers of bus lanes as well as an extensive bus priority system.
  • Many of Nottingham’s buses run as often as every 7 minutes.
  • 95% of buses and all trams have low floors, making them accessible and easy-to-use for families with young children in pushchairs and the physically impaired.
  • More than 1,000 of Nottingham’s bus stops have brand new waiting facilities, with shelters, CCTV and lighting.
  • Around 900 of Nottingham’s bus stops now have displays with real time information, so you’ll know exactly when your bus will arrive.
  • You can also access real time data by mobile phone – use the website, or download the ‘nctbuses’ app onto your android or iPhone, or click here to visit our public transport travel planning page.

You can find out how quick and easy your journey can be using public transport visit our journey planning page here and to learn more about Nottingham’s public transport network visit our bus and tram pages here.