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Save money

Whether you’re traveling to work, going to the shops, or you are looking for a great family day out, TravelRight is here to help you save money!

Cost of motoring

Running a car is an increasing expensive business. The latest figures from the AA show that the average fuel bill for motorists is now over £1,500 per year. The average standing charges and other running costs are £2,887 for the average small* car  and £4,010 for a medium* sized car – this includes tax, depreciation and maintenance costs but does not even include petrol or  parking costs!

This means that all together, the average motorist with a small car coughs up around £3,762 per year for their car costs, or an eye watering £4,989 for a medium sized car, and this will be higher still for those traveling further or also paying parking costs.

*The AA defines an average small car as one costing less than £13,000 bought brand new, and a medium sized car as costing £13,000 – £17,000 new at today’s prices.

Car vs Bus: Commuting to work in Nottingham

If you need to run a car for weekends you will be paying a hefty sum just to keep it on the road. But the good news is that on average, every driver commuting within Nottingham could save money if they purchased an annual bus pass to get to and from work instead of taking the car. Annual bus passes cost around £400 so even factoring in the standing costs of owning a car, you could still save over £625 on petrol,wear and tear and other mileage based costs even for a small economical car, and over £750 for a medium sized car, just by switching to the bus for weekday journeys to and from work.

If you need to pay for your own parking when you drive into the city for work then your savings really start adding up.  In addition to the savings on petrol and wear and tear on your vehicle you could save every penny you currently pay on your parking charges. An annual parking permit at the Broadmarsh car park currently costs £900, so  just by switching your work journeys from the car to the bus you could be saving on average over £1,650 per year!

Nottingham was recently voted the least car dependent city in the UK and with good reason. Nottingham’s award winning public transport network makes getting around the City a doddle, with frequent, high quality bus and tram services available.

There are a wide range of ticket types available for buses and trams and you could save up to 73% on the cost of your bus fares just by changing how you buy your tickets! TravelRight are here to help make sure you get the best deal possible. For more information about public transport and ticket options in Nottingham click here or for free travel planning advice contact us.

Try Easyrider Anytime Travel Days

You can make the biggest saving by swapping your five car journeys to work each week and purchasing an annual bus pass, but many of us want more flexibility and must take the car to work most days the week. The good news is that you can still make fantastic savings even without an annual bus pass by using the city’s NCT network by pre-purchasing Easyride Anytime days of travel on to your city card. This gives you unlimited travel from £2.10 per day, only using the days up when you want them, and is available to purchase from the travel centre on Market Square or the NCT mobile travel centre bus.

Even including all of the standing charges for owning a car you can save £99 over the year if you swap the car one day per week for an Easyrider Anytime travel day for those running a small car. If you run a medium sized car, you will save £124 each year by switching to your Easyrider Anytime card one day each week.  If you swap two days every week, your savings double! Three days will triple your savings! Whatever your car size if you’re  planning swap four days or more each week you’ll be better off purchasing an annual pass instead of Easyrider Anytime days.


When it comes to getting about, walking is the most cost effective choice of all – it’s free!  Click here to try our walking travel planner and see how much you could save by commuting on foot.

If you currently drive a medium sized car to work each day you could saving £1171 per year if you walked up to an hour. What’s more, you’ll be improving your health and energy levels while you do it, easily meeting your recommended targets for physical activity!


Cycling to work or education will save you money and get you there feeling full of energy.

You can expect to spend on average £201 per year if you cycle regularly (including the average purchase cost of a brand new bike).

If you currently driving in to the city centre to work and paying for your own parking, you would save a massive £1,870 if you commuted by bike instead, while still keeping your car for the weekends.

If you are on a tight budget you can buy a fully refurbished bike from The Bike Club in Bulwell (Eve Trades CiC) from as little as £30, and you can receive free Dr Bike maintenance at TravelRight events, and eligible residents can contact us to claim yourself a free cycle maintenance course delivered by professional mechanics.

If you’d like to feel more confident on your bike, TravelRight can help you with free cycle training and a hire bike for the first 3 months – click here to learn more. Extra assistance is also available for job seekers and newly employed people too – click here for more details.

A Car Free Future?

For many people running a car is essential.  However, it is worth considering the average medium sized car with all its expenses will be costing you £4989 every yearSome people in Nottingham are also paying an additional £900 in parking charges, or more. There are some people who could make huge savings if they took the plunge and ditched the car altogether!

Real alternatives are available for many of us. An annual bus pass can be yours for £420. The running costs for a decent bike are an average of £201 per year. Walking costs nothing at all! And all these options will help make you healthier and reduce your carbon footprint too.

If you’d like to learn more about how active travel options could be saving you £5,000 or more each year, contact TravelRight today!

For fun

If you’re looking for a great family day out that doesn’t cost a penny, why not try a country park walk or a scenic bike ride? We have lots of free maps available for great walks and cycling routes in and around Nottingham – click here for more information. To find out about the latest TravelRight events, including guided walks and bike rides, BMX clubs, build your own bike sessions, historical walks and more visit our events page here.