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Trams and Trains in Broxtowe


In the south of Broxtowe Borough, there are two local train stations at Beeston and Attenborough, both on the Midland Mainline. These offer quick access to several other local stations including Nottingham, Long Eaton, East Midlands Parkway, Loughborough, Derby and Leicester, as well as direct services to London St Pancras International from Beeston.

Beeston to Nottingham only takes 5 minutes by train.

Journeys between Nottingham, Beeston and Attenborough train stations are all included when you purchase a Kangaroo ticket. With a Kangaroo ticket, you can also use it to travel on buses and trams within the Kangaroo area for a day.  Kangaroo cards can also be purchased to use over longer time periods and these work out cheaper.  These cards can also be used for 24 hour Citycard Cycle hire.  For more details go to:

In the north of Broxtowe Borough there are no train stations although Langley Mill train station is just over the border in Derbyshire near Eastwood. Also a train station will be reopening in Ilkeston, again just over the border in Derbyshire, in 2015.

Trains go from Langley Mill to Sheffield to the north, and south to Nottingham. Journeys from Langley Mill to Nottingham take around 20 minutes.

Rail journeys can be planned at the following website:



The Nottingham tram system (also known as NET – Nottingham Express Transit) is set to expand in 2015 with two new lines nearing construction.

Nottingham has an existing tram line to Bulwell and Hucknall to the north of the city. During 2015 it will be joined by two new lines to Beeston and Chilwell in Broxtowe Borough, and to Wilford and Clifton, south of Nottingham.

Nottingham train station will be a transport hub and people arriving at the station will be able to access all these tram services from the new tram station on a bridge over the existing platforms.

Journeys to and from Nottingham and Toton Park and Ride (the terminus of this line) will take around 30 minutes. In around 10 minutes you will be able to use the tram from Chilwell and Beeston to access major sites such as the Queen’s Medical Centre and Nottingham University.

For any queries please contact the NET Phase Two hotline on: (0115) 9242454 or visit their website:


As the construction of the tram tracks near completion, it is important that cyclists take additional care to avoid having an accident. TravelRight Broxtowe has already run two training sessions to teach people about cycle safety near tram lines in September 2014 and will provide more if there is demand.

A short video about how to cycle safely around Nottingham’s tram lines can be viewed here: