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Meditation Walk January 2015 – “This is a different angle.”

Simon and David are friends who regularly go walking together.

Simon said, “We really enjoyed it today. We do lots of walking but this is the first time we’ve done this kind of walk. We’re used to the climbing and the mileage. This is a different angle.”

David noted, “It’s true that normally, when walking, you’re not paying much attention; you’re lost in your thoughts. It’s good to come back, to slow down and walk in a mindful way, focusing on one task at a time. With all the technology today, there’s so much around us. Everyone is so wound up in distractions, driving cars, on mobile phones. It’s really good to get back to nature, back to basics. I’ll definitely slow down more now when we walk, have some time out.”

Simon agreed,“It’s definitely important. Anything that helps you to pace yourself, slow down, to come into the present moment, it’s going to be beneficial!”

Simon from Trowell and David from Chilwell – Meditation Walk January 2015