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Maggie from Wollaton took part in a meditation walk which was led by a yoga teacher, Amy, organised by the Broxtowe Community Hub. She said, “I really enjoyed it, the combination of mindfulness and walking. It’s something I was quite interested in but I’ve never gone on a walk like this. And Amy was great!” Maggie appreciates having walks like this organised by the Community Hub. She said, “I’m an aspirational walker really, and so this like this encourage me to come out walking. It’s also introduced me to Bramcote Hills Park, and I will definitely come back.”

Maggie was pleased to learn that the activity was funded by the LSTF programme coordinated by Nottingham City Council, she said, “The fact that this is Council run is really positive. If it touches a few people and encourages them to walk or explore mindfulness, it’s got to be a good thing.”

Maggie from Wollaton - Meditation Walk January 2015