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George from Chilwell runs a Walk and Talk Group in the local area, so he’s an experienced walker and guide. However, he was very impressed by the guided meditation walk run by the Broxtowe Community Hub in January 2015. He said, “It was brilliant. It’s something I’d just read about before, and I’d done it in a class, walking around the room, but it’s totally different to be able to do it outdoors. It was absolutely fascinating. I’d definitely do this again!”

George appreciated the quiet, inward-focus of this session. He noted, “In our Walk and Talk group, it’s normally about the talking, the chatter, it’s a social thing. But this is much more self-centred. It’s enabled me to observe everything that’s around me, but also to concentrate on me, on my breathing.”

George is looking forward to putting what he learned into practice. He said, “Now when I’m walking on my own I will walk differently. And when I’m with friends I’ll try and observe more. Quite often your mind is in the past or the future. This is something that will enable me to be more aware and be in the present. That’s got to be good for you!”

George from Chilwell. Meditation Walk January 2015