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Christine and her dog Molly live in the Meadows, but travelled across the city to take part in a meditation walk at Bramcote Hills, run by the Broxtowe Travel Hub. She said, “I enjoyed it. I came open minded as I didn’t know what to expect.” She enjoyed the quiet calm of the activity, which encouraged participants to first focus on their breathing and then secondly to quietly observe everything around them. She noted, “Often you find with a group it’s constant chitter chatter and at the end of the walk you’ve shared all your problems but you haven’t taken in nature.  On the second part of the activity I had to stop myself saying, ‘Oh look at that!’ I was quite stressed when we were coming here, but now I feel much more relaxed. I probably will use some of these techniques in the future. ”

What’s more, Molly the dog also seemed to engage with the spirit of the walk. Christine said, “It was really good that my dog could come along. I had to keep one eye on her as she tends to bark at every other dog she sees. But she was really good! It must have had a calming effect and rubbed off on her too!”

Christine from the Meadows. Meditation Walk January 2015