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Safe Cycling Tram Treat

It’s great news that the tram extension has come to Beeston but for cyclists it brings a few different things to think about as new road layouts and tram infrastructure open up. Safer cycling around tram tracks is crucial if accidents are to be avoided. To help prepare, TravelRight Broxtowe are holding training sessions on cycling around tram tracks which cover everything from how to cross over the tracks safely to tips on good road positioning.

The first sessions are part of European Mobility Week programme throughout the Broxtowe Borough and Nottingham urban area, and will take place on Thursday 18th September from 6.00pm – 8.00pm and Saturday 20th September from 10.00am – 12.00pm.  Each rider gets a free cake and coffee sponsored by the Tram so turn up early to avoid disappointment!

 “There is no doubt that initially cyclists will face greater risk because the road landscape will be new to them so I think the training is an excellent opportunity for everyone to find out about the few simple rules we all need to follow.  It is important to know how to be safe on a bicycle whilst still being able to have fun” said the Executive Director of TravelRight, Gary Smerdon-White.

“I am pleased that TravelRight is able to offer this training to the people of Broxtowe Borough and that we can help with community safety in some way.”

The sessions have been timed to be accessible for the working population of the Borough who use their bike to commute by being held after the working day and at the weekend. Anyone wishing to take part can meet the instructors outside of Beeston Tesco near the bike racks.

Jamie Swift, NET Marketing Manager, commented: “We are delighted to be supporting this training as we’re committed to ensuring the safety of all road users as the tram network expands to Chilwell and Clifton.

“This latest initiative complements our own efforts to remind cyclists of a few simple precautions they need to take in areas where trams operate.”

The Tram are a sponsor of the training and recognise the needs of cyclists, with Sustrans Ucycle assisting with the promotion.


For further information about what is going on throughout European Mobility Week in Nottinghamshire and Europe you can look on twitter at @mobilityweek and #EMWNOTTM or the following website ​.


For further information, call 07944692916 or 0115 917 3423.

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